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Work as health personnel

What do we offer?

International Job Challenge offers you the opportunity to live a new experience in the Netherlands. If you work as health personnel and you are looking for new professional challenges, this is the opportunity you were looking for.

This experience, in one of the most advanced societies in Europe, will allow you to work and learn from the first day. You will have a Dutch contract, all the necessary tools to learn and improve your skills, a good salary and many more facilities.

How is the incorporation process?


The team of International Job Challenge, through an interview process, will choose the most appropriate candidates for this experience. These people must meet the requirements demanded for each profile.

Dutch classes

Once selected, candidates who pass the interview will do a free Dutch course for ten weeks, as long as they finish it successfully. In addition, they will receive a compensation of 100 euros for each week of classes when they arrive to the Netherlands.


The company covers your trip to the Netherlands.
In addition, you also have the option to return to Spain twice with the round trip expenses covered.

Accommodation and amenities

The company will facilitate the accommodation, as well as the transport to go to work. We guarantee that the accommodation meets the minimum European quality SNF. All the characteristics of the accommodation will be provided before the trip.


The candidate will sign his Dutch contract with all the conditions before his trip. This contract will allow you to enjoy the same conditions as a Dutch worker.


What will you do?




Other benefits


What do the people say?

Cristian Sánchez Flores
Working in Netherlands has been without doubts one of the most rewarding experiences in my life at both personal and professional levels. Getting a job and at the same time improve my English has offered me a huge number of opportunities back in Spain.
María del Mar Gómez Navarro
I am very happy for being able to meet such a great culture and live there for a while. Working in Netherlands has been a challenge I can’t wait to repeat!.
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